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Marketing Support: +91-7286888889 | Admin Support+91-9505872633 (Whatsapp Only)

Business Plan

Terms And Conditions

  • Terms And Conditions Apply For All Participants.
  • No time limitation for Top-Up.
  • Re-Top up facility is available.
  • ROI & DIRECT LEVEL incomes will be generated after 48 HOURS from the date of Top-Up from Next Working Day.
  • ROI & DIRECT LEVEL incomes will not be generated on Saturday, Sunday, all Bank & Government holidays.
  • ROI & DIRECT LEVEL incomes are Generated Daily, Shows in Wallet & Pay-Outs Daily Auto Bank Transfers after 48 Hours on next working day.
  • For Binary income every investor must refer 2 persons directly [1 person in left team & 1 person in right team] with same or above Package.
  • Binary income is 10% on matching.
  • Minimum matching 1:1 Ratio till UN LIMITED DEPTH (i.e. INR 5000/- both sides) for Binary Income.
  • Binary Daily closing at mid night 12: 00 AM.
  • Binary incomes daily capping same as per investment packages.From Rs.5,000/ to Rs.1,00,000 for 1 lakh above all packages 1 lakh only.
  • Power leg carry forward.
  • Binary Income also shows in Wallet & Binary Pay-Outs Daily Auto Bank Transfers after 48 Hours on next working day.
  • 10 % Deductions are applicable on All Incomes withdrawals For Admin & Processing Charges.
  • No minimum amount limit for withdrawal.
  • All Awards & Rewards will be distributed after 45 days.
  • Bonanza offered gifts/tours will be distributed after 30 days.
  • Reserve your admission in prior for all Training programmes.
  • If there are any changes in Marketing Plan or Strategy and in any offers then Company will inform with prior notice.
  • All Rights Reserved by company.